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She is the sunlight;

She lives in a daydream I don't belong.

「شهرزاد」「SHARHAzad al-Rahman」
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Shahrazad Al-Rahman

Aliases: The Merciful. The Benevolent. "Shahr/Shahra/Shah" by Esther Blanchett, her tovarăş.
Fandom & canon point: Trinity Blood. Middle of Imitation Star/Act. 40.
Species: Vampire Methuselah. Human.
Titles/Jobs: Countess of Babylon, in charge of choosing the guards of the borders in the second Capital of Ţara Methuseluth, Timişoara. Protector of that city.
Appearance: A young girl of apparently 16-20 years old. Mauve eyes, black/purple hair, dark skin, huge boobs, lack of clothes (the alternative Imperial woman option would be loli).
Family: Süleyman the Duke of Tigris (uncle, caretaker, deceased), parents (both deceased), Astaroth Aslan the Marchioness of Kiev & Vizcountess of Odessa (distant cousin).
Personality traits: Sweet. Merciful. Protective. Naïve. Optimistic. Loving. Feisty. Noble. Loyal. Tragic.
Abilities: Long-standing military training, Court experience, regeneration, 10xsuperior speed/reflexes/strength, Lost Technology Gloves.
Weaknesses: UV light, silver & need for hemoglobin.
Four Walling: No, thanks.

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Šahrzād, remember this as you are still loved by the sun. Whether one is Methuselah or Terran, all of us are Human.

-- Süleyman